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With approachable video tools engineered to optimize athlete performance, TrackBoss is the only coaching platform built exclusively for track and field.


Every Event, Every Attempt, Effortlessly Captured

Capture video and results in one simple, easy to use interface. Your data is stored securely in the cloud and is automatically organized by athlete, event, and attempt for streamlined review and collaboration. Use slow motion, side-by-side & overlay comparisons, and annotate key moments to motivate your athletes to grow and succeed. With unlimited recording devices, athletes, coaches and data storage, there’s no ceiling on your team’s potential.


Empower Every Athlete with Comprehensive Results Tracking

Easily monitor PRs while tracking results unique to each event type. Utilize advanced analytics and reporting tools to sort based on stats, identifying progress trends over time for tailored technique and training adjustments. Witness technique improvement firsthand and validate performance through seamless athlete-coach review, fostering motivation and driving continuous improvement among your athletes.


Complete Schedule and Roster Management for Every Team at Every Level

Seamlessly organize your athletes and competitions with robust roster, schedule, and season management tools. From indoor to outdoor seasons–across multiple teams and levels–TrackBoss provides custom views tailored to your coaching specialties, saving you valuable time and ensuring efficient team management.

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Pioneering Video and Stats Integration Since 2015

While you may not have heard of us, we've been in the integrated video and stats coaching tool game since 2015. We originally developed TrackBoss's sibling, MatBoss, as an influential and disruptive coaching tool exclusively for high school and college wrestling. In fact, there's a good chance that if your school has a wrestling team, they use MatBoss. The innovation and technological advancement we brought to wrestling coaches all over the country has helped solidify us as an authority in the development of cutting-edge video coaching tools. Now, we're positioned to do the same for track and field with a powerful, easy-to-use coaching tool built exclusively for the sport.

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Crafting the Perfect High School Track and Field Practice Plan

A comprehensive guide on crafting the perfect high school track and field practice plan. As a track and field coach, you understand the importance of a well-structured practice plan in maximizing athlete development and team success. In this detailed guide, we'll explore the essential components of an effective practice plan, providing actionable insights to help you elevate your coaching game.

Propelling Track and Field Performance with Video Analysis

In the competitive world of track and field, every fraction of a second matters. Coaches are constantly seeking ways to enhance their athletes' performance, and one powerful tool they're increasingly turning to is video analysis. By leveraging video footage of athletes in action, coaches can identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and tailor training programs to maximize results.

We’re Currently Beta Testing TrackBoss for the 2024 Spring Track and Field Season

With help from high school and college teams across the country, we're kicking the tires on our revolutionary track and field coaching tool . We expect to release the full version of the platform this summer. Fill out the form below to receive updates on our progress and be among the first to know when the full version is released to the public.

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